Leadership Spotlight

Rebuilding after the Great Resignation

“The Great Resignation”, the coined phrase of Prof Anthony Klotz, encapsulates the global wave of resignations following the effects of the pandemic lockdowns. Here is how you can rebuild your team with these steps.


leader vs manager

Qualities of A Leader Vs. Manager

Is being a manager equivalent to being a leader? It’s not and that is a common misconception that many people have. Learn the difference between these two and decide which methods fits you.

leadership skills singapore

Top 20 Leadership Skills

What skills are needed in order for you to become a successful leader and how can these skills be used to help your team achieve success?

leadership styles singapore

Different Types of Leadership Styles and When To Use Them

How can you choose the type of leadership style that is most suitable for your needs when there are so many to choose from?

How Self-Awareness Can Lead To Improved Communication

Learn how being aware can help you enhance your communication with coworkers and elevate the workplace.

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